Expert in precast concrete manufacturing since 2002, VIPREMI IDF is now your building materials supplier in the "Île-de-France", specialized in formwork, sealing, finishings and others. Our goal is to ensure specific and suitable products for the high requirements of your works.
Vipremi's culture is part of a process of an active listening of its customers in order to bring them the most suitable solution to their needs / works, in a spirit of sustainable development.

Our values:
- Professionalism: Our multidisciplinary and specialized teamwork commit daily, in order to obtain the best results in its work.
Requirements: When all the details count and nothing is left randomly, we know that we are up to the challenges proposed by our customers. So we aim to ensure customer satisfaction
- Confidence: Confidence is a core value to create strong relationships with clients ans suppliers. This value is built over the years, by showing respect towards people, requirements and in the effective problem solving, on time.
Entrepreneurial spirit: By participating to the customer project realisation, we invest to inovate.
Environmental responsability: Concerned about preserving the environment, we make selective waste sorting and invest in the creation of our own energy for our manufacturing needs.

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